HP Designjet T-Series Error 08:11

Q. I am receiving the error 08:11 on my HP Designjet T610 / T620 / T1100 / T1120 / T770 / T1200 / T790 / T1300 / T2300 Printer.

A. Error 08:11 is a communication issue between the Front Panel & the Main PCA.

Possible causes are:

  • Loose Front Panel Cable
  • Faulty Front Panel Cable
  • Faulty Formatter (if present)
  • Faulty Main PCA

To diagnose the issue from the Formatter lights – Contact us on support@johnewright.com and tell us which lights are on/off/or flashing. Read the lights from left to right whilst stood in front of the printer.

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Error 47:01 – HP Designjet Z2100, Z3100, Z3200, T610, T620, T1100, T1120, T1200, T770, T790, T1300, T2300

Q. I am receiving error 47:01 whilst trying to load paper. What does it mean & how can it be rectified?

A. Error 47:01 is a Starwheel Motor Error. The purpose of the starwheel motor is to raise/lower the starwheel assembly. If you open the window of your printer you will see a silver bar running along the print platen with starwheels attached to it. This bar raises up when you load paper & then lowers once the paper is loaded.

Firstly, open the Window and check for any visible obstacles restricting the movement of the Starwheel Assembly, then clear the obstruction.

If there is no obstruction then the starwheel motor needs replacing.

To receive a free quote for this repair contact us on 0115 9506633 or email support@johnewright.com

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HP Designjet 500 / 800 – Error 11:11

Q: ‘I have a HP Designjet 500 / 800 Printer showing error code 11:11 on the front panel display. What does it mean?’

A: Error 11:11 is a Trailing Cable Error. The trailing cable connects the Carriage PCA to the Main Electronics Module. If you are receiving error 11:11 then your trailing cable is either damaged or needs reseating. As the carriage moves from side to side the trailing cable is continuously rubbing against the printer chassis. This can cause the trailing cable sleeve to wear through to the bare cable causing error 11:11. It may also be that your carriage has collided with the trailing cable causing it to become loose or damaged.

If you are receiving error 11:11 & need to speak to a HP Expert then call us on 0115 9506633 or email support@johnewright.com

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